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Riken belongs to the famous Michelin brand. Originally from Japan, the company “Riken-Gomu Ind.” Used to work in science and research since 1917. The company later expanded its activities and started to produce tyres under the company name RIKEN. This name is the abbreviation of the original company name. In 1979, RIKEN began the US export of their tyres. A short time later, the company experienced tremendous growth and also started exporting tyres to Europe, where it developed quickly to become a fully grown tyre producer. In the year 1992, the company became registered as a trademark of the Michelin Okamoto Tyre Corporation. After the takeover by Michelin, it came to the American pronunciation of the name RIKEN.

Michelin is definitely one the leading tyre manufacturers worldwide. An absolute giant in this industry, the Michelin-company also owns some of the best smaller brands. Due to a global presence in more than 175 countries, Michelin can be found at the top in many countries worldwide. Through its steady innovations, reliable, always up-to-date technology and first-class quality Michelin is always one step ahead of its competitors.

The Riken brand is now being distributed all over Europe and the UK. Riken manufactures a variety of vehicle tyres for passenger cars, vans and trucks. Riken tyres are a combination of top-technology and aesthetics – and all that for rather little money. Riken offer tyres for all European weather conditions.

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