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Pirelli: Tyre manufacturer with many years of experience

The famous Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli can look back on more than 140 years of history. Initially, Pirelli was a rubber factory, which has started producing bicycle tyres and telegraphic lines from 1872. From 1901, car tyres were also part of Pirelli's product portfolio.

Longevity of a Pirelli tyre

When buying a tyre, it is always advisable to take a look at the so-called DOT number. This indicates in which calendar week of which year the tyre was made. As a general rule, unused tyres are sold as new tyres for a maximum of five years after the production date. This means for you: Even newly purchased tyres can already be aged and thus have a reduced life.

Buy Pirelli Tyres from the Sandy Auto Centre

On our Sandy Auto Centre website, you will find an extensive selection of tyres from this prestigious brand. Whatever the size and for whatever season you require new tyres, you will find them right here.

Please note: When buying tyres from us, you will never buy “old” new tyres as mentioned above.

Our team always makes sure; we only get tyres with the latest DOT delivered from our suppliers.

The tyre label of the European Union

The EU Tyre label is a separate tyre sticker containing, among other things, information about the tyre's effects on fuel consumption and wet grip. The tread depth and noise emissions of the tyre are also noted here.

Pirelli summer-, winter- and all-season tyres

Of course, if you have decided to purchase Pirelli tyres, you should first consider whether you need summer tyres, winter or all-season tyres.

Summer tyres are made of a special rubber compound that is not negatively affected even at high summer temperatures and also has good aquaplaning properties.

Winter tyres, identified by the abbreviation "M + S" (for "mud and snow") and showing a snowflake symbol, are well suited for low temperatures and wintery road conditions because the rubber remains elastic even in cold weather. The particular winter profile will give you extra grip on snow icy surfaces.

All- season tyresmay be a very good option if you travel mainly in areas where only minor temperature fluctuations are expected. Also called all-weather tyres, this compromise between winter- and summer tyres is just right for you – especially if you don’t drive an excessive mileage during the year.

                       Buy your new, cheap Pirelli tyres in Sandy – at the Sandy Auto Centre

Once you have chosen the right tyres on our website, just proceed with your order, select your favourite fitting day and time and pay with our secure payment system.

Pirelli tyres are one of the most prestigious-, top quality tyre brands. We at the Sandy Auto Centre are always doing our best to keep the prices for our customers as low as possible.

When you come to our Sandy Auto Centre workshop, everything will be ready for you, and we will fit and balance your new tyres for you while you wait.

If you have any queries or would like to book any of our other services at the same time, please get in touch with us.