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Nexen summer- and winter tyres are among the very favourable tyres on the tyre market. The company produces tyres for cars and vans. The range available in the UK includes around 30 different Nexen tyre types.

About Nexen

The company was founded in 1942 in South Korea. Fourteen years later, the first vehicles in Korea were equipped with Nexen tyres. Nexen developed the first V-shaped tyres in the series 60. The company produces in Korea and China and has a worldwide network of distribution partners. In South Korea, Nexen Tyre has a market share of 20 percent. The main production site is now in China. Nexen produces around 30 million tyres every year.

Worth knowing about Nexen tyres

Nexen manufactures all-season, summer and winter tyres for cars and SUVs.

In 2011, the Nexen winter tyre Winguard Sport was awarded the "Good Design Prize". The tyre combines high performance with low abrasion.

  • The popular Nexen tyres Nexen 6000 and Nexen 3000 offer safety and comfort as summer tyres.
  • KIA, Hyundai and Daewoo equip their vehicles with Nexen tyres as first tyres.
  • The Porsche Cayenne was delivered as original equipment with Nexen tyres.
  • Nexen tyres with the designation EL, RF or XL have a higher load capacity than normal tyres and are therefore also suitable for vans.

The name Winguard stands at Nexen for winter tyres. High mileage and low noise characterise them. The Winguard Sport offers a lot of grip on ice and snow. For the summer tyres, the N'blue HD Plus was especially convincing when it comes to safety on wet roads. The Rodian HP with a directional profile is suitable for SUVs. The load capacity per tyre is 850 kg.

Nexen and the environment

The N'blue Eco Nexen tyre and the NexenN'blue Eco Plus reduce fuel consumption and thus protect the environment. The rolling resistance of the tyre is 20 percent lower than with conventional tyres.

A Nexen tyre in the test

The NexenFera SU1 can be found in many test portals. It has always received "Good" ratings. It offered good grip on wet roads and showed stable cornering abilities. For the Fera SU1 is equipped with a reinforced shoulder and rib block in the outdoor area. 3D Edge distributes the pressure evenly and ensures excellent steering performance on wet and dry roads.

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