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Whether summer or winter, Bridgestone tyres have been among the top tyres for many years. Through long experience, the manufacturer designs tyres that meet the highest standards. The Japanese company was founded in 1931 by ShojiroIshibashi. Within just 20 years, Bridgestone grew to become Japan's top producer. From then on, the manufacturer has gained an excellent reputation worldwide. Bridgestone tyres are characterised by ever new technical developments and optimisations that have become the trademark of the Japanese tyre manufacturer:

  • Bridgestone winter tyres

Taking into account even the harshest winter conditions, Bridgestone winter tyres are designed for reliability, comfort and durability. The number of innovations implemented is very high. On the test bench, all Bridgestone winter tyres have to prove that they offer excellent handling. For this reason, all winter tyres from Bridgestone are true all-round talents. In our Sandy Auto Centre online shop, you will receive well-thought-out winter tyres with extraordinary properties in all disciplines. They guarantee motorists safety on snowy, wet and dry roads.

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  • Bridgestone summer tyres

The Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone is not only the number two in the tyre market, but it also stands for the realisation of the philosophy of technology and safety. Bridgestone repeatedly produced the tyres for Formula 1. The developments of the current Bridgestone summer tyres reflect the know-how used there. Bridgestone summer tyres are available at our Sandy Auto Centre online store in all sizes and for every driving purpose. The tyres have proven themselves in numerous tests. Selected pieces from the well-known tyre series, such as the Bridgestone Potenza S001 or the Bridgestone Turanza T001, are especially recommended. These tyres meet the highest safety criteria and offer incredibly smooth running and excellent handling.

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  • Bridgestone all-season tyres

The all-season tyres of the Bridgestone series are a very good option for all those who drive less mileage and stay more locally.

These tyres will never let you down whether it is summer or winter.

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