Tyres, MOT & Garage Services for St Neots Motorists

There are a lot of reasons why the people of St. Neots choose the sales and services that we at SRC Auto Care provide.  We are as well-known for our range of globally renowned tyres as we are for our services. It is hardly a secret that most local garages often do not abide by the latest changes in the laws governing the MOT test.

What’s more, class-leading car services are also difficult to come by. Not any more, however. You can now buy the best brands of tyres, provide your car with the best services and get your MOT ‘pass’ certificate all at one go, thanks to our technicians. In and around St. Neots, our services remain unparalleled.

Brief overviews of our offers follow:


Drivers around the UK are wary of the MOT. The problem is amplified by the lack of an affordable and reliable test centre. SRC Auto Care has addressed that concern to a large extent for the inhabitants of Sandy, St. Neots, Wyboston and neighbouring areas. Our MOT services are quick and efficient. We have some of the most experienced technicians who perform the test as per the recommendations of the DVSA and issue certificates accordingly.

We also perform pre and post-MOT services. If you opt for our pre-MOT service, we will ensure every component of your car to be in the top-class condition so that there’s no chance of your car failing the test. If you do not take our pre-MOT services and your car somehow fails the test, you may avail our post-MOT services which entail the repair of the specific parts that failed the test.

In short, we cover absolutely everything related to MOT in St Neots. You can book your date right now by calling us or from the Contact Us page.


The next aspect of our service is providing quality spares to our customers. Tyres require regular replacements, mostly after 60-70,000 miles. We ensure that our customers do not run short of options when they come to buy tyres in St Neots from our workshop. For that reason, we store a huge number of summer, winter, all-season, performance, 4x4 and run-flat tyres from all the major brands such as:

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Riken
  • Bridgestone
  • Dunlop

You may choose one that fits your bill perfectly.


The car services that we provide have attained considerable popularity among the car owners of St Neots. It unsurprising, given the vast scope of our services and the prices that we offer them at. Some of the most widely availed services in St Neots are:

  • AC repair and recharge
  • Clutch and brake replacements
  • Diagnostics
  • Wheel alignment and balancing
  • Battery service
  • General servicing
  • Exhaust and suspension repairs

SRC Auto Care is here for you if you need tyres or any other related services. Call us to book an appointment or drive down with your vehicle directly on weekdays.