Tyres, MOT & Garage Services for Silsoe Motorists

Cars are prone to damage over time. So, to get them back in the optimum working conditions, you require professional help. SRC Auto Care provides such professional automobile repair and replacement services for your vehicles. We also stock a wide collection of tyres for sale. We are known in and around Sandy and Silsoe for our prompt services at reasonable prices.

One reason why numerous car owners search for a reliable service station is for changing their worn-out car tyres. Damaged or worn out tyres are not only dangerous but continuing with these tyres will also result in failing the MOT test.

To ensure this does not happen, we store a host of quality tyres in Silsoe. We have numerous tyres to adapt to different types of cars and owners.

Tyres we store

We stock a range of season oriented tyres to tackle the changing climatic conditions. Our garage has a variety of all-season tyres for people who are not willing to change them with the onset of every new season. There are numerous performance tyres as well for the racing enthusiasts.

Hence, irrespective of your requirement, there are all sorts of tyres that you can find at our workshop. The best part is that all these tyres are from major brands renowned across the world.

Each brand of tyres has their speciality and uniqueness. Thus, we keep every type of tyre and allow the consumer to decide the set they need. Our workshop has tyres from Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, etc.

Other services

We are not only well-known for offering top-class tyres but also for quality servicing and repairing. Every vehicle needs regular maintenance to be in proper working condition. Our service station offers a whole range of vehicle repair and replacement services in Silsoe to keep it functioning properly.

Some of the vehicle components that we service include-

  • Brakes
  • Exhaust
  • Battery
  • Wheels
  • Air Condition
  • Suspension

Hence, if you ever require servicing of any component of your car, drop by our garage, and we will do it for you.


We are a certified first-class MOT centre. Our team conducts the MOT in Silsoe as per rules set by the DVSA. But the important part is that we offer this service at very affordable prices.

Also, we do a thorough check-up of your car before the MOT exam. You can drive down to our garage and get your vehicle inspected any time before the exam. We will do our utmost best to ensure your car passes the test. Remember, passing the MOT will also ensure the on-road safety of you and your family.