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Car inspection is about checking and maintaining your car. These inspections are required for all vehicles at regular intervals. During an inspection, the most important parts of your car are inspected for wear. Regular car inspections not only decide on safety and environmental aspects but also on the manufacturer's warranty and resale value.

Additional repairs only after speaking to you

If our SRC Auto Care team discovers any defects during the inspection, we will not start any repairs without your consent. We will always speak to you first, explain what needs doing and give you an estimate of the additional costs.

These must be discussed with you prior to the maintenance work. Only if you agree with additional costs, our technicians will start with the work. Let yourself explain what exactly should be done and decide for yourself. There is no pressure and no obligation to you. You may leave the workshop without the renewed parts. However, it is advisable to get the repairs done while we are already working on the car, doing the service. This saves money and labour time.

When is the inspection due?

How often the car needs to be inspected is determined by the service intervals. These are different for each manufacturer. Basically, it is every two years or after a certain number of miles. The driver of modern cars is informed via the on-board computer. Then a workshop should be visited because the car manufacturers make their warranty dependant on whether the inspection was carried out and also at the predetermined time. There, the defects can be detected and corrected before they expand to damage. If this is not observed, the warranty claim against the manufacturer does not apply. If the damage occurred is related to late service, this can be a problem. Some manufacturers react in such cases courteous, but this depends on the examination of individual cases. If the goodwill was unfortunately rejected, 100% of the costs must be paid by the vehicle owner.

Vehicle Service at the SRC Auto Care

We offer our customers tailor-made service packages for every vehicle brand- and age.

  • An interim service with a quick oil change
  • A full maintenance service,
  • A quick inspection before the next Mot test to make sure your vehicle will pass
  • A special winter service check
  • A holiday service so you can go on vacation with peace of mind

We only use the best oils and main dealer quality spare parts. Your dealer warranty will always stay intact.

Book online today, give us a call or come directly to see us at our workshop in Sandy.

If you have any questions, need an estimate or would like to book an MOT, we will be happy to help.