Run Flat Tyres

run flat tyres

What is a Run-flat tyre?

A Run-flat tyre has some much stronger side walls than ordinary tyres. Therefore, you can continue to drive even after a tyre puncture. However, you should not drive fast and for more than about 60 miles. But it will normally give you enough time to reach home or the nearest garage to get the tyre changed.

When a tyre loses pressure, there is usually a risk that the tyre itself slides off the rim. It does not happen with Run-flat tyres as they are firmly stuck in the rim. 

So, what are the benefits of Run-flat tyres?

When using Run-flat tyres, you save the space for a spare wheel and therefore take advantage of the extra space for other things. Alternatively, you carry less weight, which is good for the chassis and for your brakes.

With Run-flat tyres, you do not have to stop in the dark at the road side to change the tyre yourself, or wait for roadside assistance to get to you. With Run-flats, you have the peace of mind, knowing, you can reach your destination as intended, even with a tyre puncture.

What drawbacks are there with Run-flat tyres?

Run-flats are more expensive than ordinary tyres, and they cannot be repaired after a puncture. The tyre needs to be replaced (but he rim can be reused).

When changing Run-flat tyres, you should not go to just any corner garage. Here at SRC Auto Care we have all the right tools and expertise to take you old Run-flat tyre off the rim and fit a new one without causing any damage to rim or tyre.

Some garages charge therefore more for the fitting of a Run-flat tyre – but we will not charge more than for mounting any regular tyre. When buying run-flats (or any other tyres) from our SRC Auto Care online shop, the fitting and balancing as well as the disposal of your old tyres are free.

Are Run-flat tyres “uncomfortable”?

Some say they think it's uncomfortable to drive with Run-flat tyres, but the difference should be minimal. It may be a good idea to test a car with Run flat tyres before investing in them.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPMS )

You must be aware that you cannot just buy Run-flat tyres and put them on the car. The law requires that you only use Run-flat tyres if you also have a tyre pressure monitoring system fitted that indicates- and warns of tyre pressure loss on the vehicle’s dashboard. 

TPMS stands for the Tyre-Pressure-Monitoring-System.

The TPMS is necessary in order to notice sudden pressure loss, which you would not notice otherwise with Run-flat tyres.

So, these are the facts, now the choice is yours.  In the end it may also be the question of “wallet or peace of mind and comfort”.

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