Oil Change

Oil change

For every car, an oil change must be carried out at regular intervals. How often this is required can be found in the owner's manual or the service book. For some cars, there are no more prescribed intervals. The engine electronics informs the driver when an oil change or other maintenance is required. That does not always depend on the number of miles driven. Both the oil and the additives contained therein show signs of ageing. This means for the motorist that he/she has to carry out an oil change even if the vehicle has only been driven a few miles within a year. Therefore, no general statement can be made as to how often an oil change is necessary. It also does not matter whether it is a car with a manual or an automatic transmission. Although it is sometimes claimed that vehicles with an automatic transmission need to be inspected more often, this is no longer the case with modern cars.

Oil Service – SRC Auto Care

In earlier times, cars with a Diesel engine had to be inspected more frequently than cars with a Petrol engine. This is not the case anymore. The technology of diesel engines is now so mature that they no longer need to be serviced that often. The only difference is that for diesel engines oils with other viscosity classes are usually used. Occasionally it may happen that in diesel engines more engine oil must be filled than in petrol engines. But that depends very much on the size of the diesel engine. As a result, the prices for an oil change can be higher than for vehicles with a petrol engine.

Mineral engine oils are very cheap, but not so good for newer cars. For cars with modern engines, fully synthetic engine oils are definitely recommended. The use of fully synthetic oils prevents deposits in the combustion chambers of the cylinders.

At the SRC Auto Care, we only use the best quality oils.

Please note: The use of very cheap mineral oils, can seriously damage the engine, resulting in high repair costs.

When changing the oil, the oil filter should also be replaced.

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