Tyres, MOT & Garage Services for Letchworth Motorists

SRC Auto Care is one of the most popular service garages in Sandy and Letchworth. Our workshop offers a wide range of tyres to vehicle owners looking to replace their old ones or buy spares.

A lot of thought goes into purchasing tyres as there are numerous factors that have to be taken into consideration before choosing a new set. The first and foremost factor to consider is the weather conditions while buying a new set of tyres in Letchworth.

Tyres at our garage

Our garage stores a variety of tyres to cope with different seasonal conditions. We have a range of all-season, winter and summer tyres.

Seasonal tyres

Summer tyres are ideal for warm conditions until the temperature falls below 7 degree Celsius. However, for at least a period of three months, the weather conditions are not suitable for summer tyres. This is when all-season and winter ones come into the fray.

Performance-based tyres

Besides these, we also keep numerous performance tyres for racing and sporting enthusiasts alike. The tyre brands that we keep are just as diverse. We have tyres from major brands such as Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, and many more.

We store a massive range because different tyres offer different unique benefits and characteristics. So, we allow the customer to have the final say when they come to purchase tyres at our workshop. Hence, no matter what the client preferences and requirements are, they are sure to find the tyre of their choice at our garage. Moreover, our in-house experts are always there to guide you with the right set for your four-wheelers.

MOT and other services at your disposal

The primary service that we provide is conducting MOT tests for your four-wheelers. Being a certified MOT test centre, you can visit our first-class facility for an MOT in Letchworth.

Now, there are various things that are taken into account while conducting the exam. A vehicle must be in optimal functioning condition. The tyres must be in perfect state, the tread depth must be adequate, brakes and clutch should be working perfectly, etc. If any of these components are not in proper condition, your car will not pass the exam.

We offer numerous car repairing services at Letchworth to keep your car running smoothly and up for the MOT test. Our services include a thorough inspection of the car, checking the clutch and brakes, repairing the exhaust system, battery, engine, etc.

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So, before you put your vehicle to the test, visit our garage. We’ll ensure your car be at its best to pass the MOT with flying colours. You may also visit us for purchasing your next set of tyres at the most reasonable rates. Call now or visit directly on any weekday till 6 PM.