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Your car’s exhaust is broken? Your silencer seems like a “sound booster” Not only does our team at the SRC Auto Care look after- and install a top-quality, new exhaust system at a very FAIR price, but of course also make sure, your old exhaust parts are being disposed of safely and environmentally friendly.

Of course, we also like to perform an extensive, precautionary examination of the whole exhaust system.

The modern vehicle exhaust system, have to fulfil some duties, for example, noise reduction, exhaust gas output and filtering of a variety of potentially harmful gases etc. Besides, the exhaust should work together with the catalyst when it comes to the reduction of emissions in order to protect our environment.

By replacing defective exhaust plus silencer at the right time, you can not only save plenty of money, but you will also avoid unnecessary fuel consumption and protect the environment.

Quality products for a long car life

At the SRC Auto Care, we only use the best exhaust systems and silencers of the major brands. The production standards of these leading manufacturers are based on the original equipment production standards. Double-walled, aluminised steel and stainless steel welds protect against corrosion. All our brands work in close cooperation with the vehicle manufacturers, design innovative exhaust systems and silencers that prove their worth worldwide. Not only new car buyers profit from these innovative and durable exhaust systems, but also you as a SRC Auto Care customer.

Exhaust Service in Sandy – SRC Auto Care

What you can expect from us:

  • Fair prices: everything in it - silencer, labour and small items.
  • Fair dates: Just book your desired date.
  • Fair service: replacement of fastening and clamps without small parts surcharge.
  • Fair quality: use of mufflers in original part quality.

So whenever you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle's exhaust system (or any other parts), please get in touch with us.

We will always do our best to help and keep the costs as low for you as possible.

Exhaust Service - SRC Auto Care