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In any modern car, both onboard and off-board diagnostics are possible. In the on-board diagnosis, the driver is given valuable information about the failure of individual technical equipment. This may be, for example, a failed ABS, a defect in the airbags or a defective air conditioning. The driver then has the opportunity to adjust his/her driving style accordingly. In most cases, then a visit to a car repair workshop is required to perform a repair of the defective components.

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Of course, if the on-board fault diagnosis shows that, for example, the ABS is out of order, the driver must drive a little more cautious, because he/she has to dose the braking force. Since the ABS belongs to the safety-related facilities, the repair should be carried out as quickly as possible. The failure of the air conditioner is also indicated by the fault diagnosis. An air conditioner is not one of the safety-relevant components of a car, but still, the repair should not be delayed for too long. The same applies to the airbags. If the airbags stop working, they will result in a high risk of injury in case of an accident to vehicle occupants. Therefore, it is beneficial for reasons of security that there is the on-board fault diagnosis. The instructions should be taken seriously by any car driver.

Here at the SRC Auto Care, however, the so-called off-board fault diagnosis is first carried out. With special diagnostic devices, it is possible to read the fault memory of a vehicle. In the error memory of the car, all errors are listed and stored. When reading out, our experts can then recognise exactly since when this error has occurred in the system and why this problem has occurred. As a result, a repair is possible relatively quickly. Sometimes, however, no repair in the real sense is required. It is often recognised when reading the error memory that it is a software problem. The repair is then carried out simply by updating the software.

Occasionally, however, a defect may occur in the engine control unit. In such a controller, a repair is not always possible. It must be checked in case it is necessary to install a new control unit. At the SRC Auto Care, we can also check a faulty engine control unit. However, this problem is very rare. Fault diagnosis of the engine control unit usually results in any component of the engine no longer functioning properly. This may be a fault in the fuel injection system or the ignition. That is definitely more accurate. Only then can you begin with the installation of new spare parts. The possibility of fault diagnosis on the control unit of the engine thus also facilitates the repair of the vehicle to the vehicle mechanic. As a result, the incorporation of new parts on mere suspicion is prevented.

If you have any error message showing on your car’s dashboard or you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle, please come to see us at our SRC Auto Care workshop.

Our trained experts will find the fault in next to no time and can then tell you exactly what needs to be done (we will certainly issue a non-obligatory estimate before starting any work).

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