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The vehicle clutch is definitely an essential component of the engine and the transmission. This allows starting the vehicle and the changing the gears. It is also in charge of overload-protection, and it dampens any torsional vibration of the vehicle’s engine. The clutch wears just like most other components of a car. When the end of the service life is reached, you simply have to get it changed. With us, Your SRC Auto Care, you can request a non-binding offer for the clutch change and book a convenient date.

Clutch service - Sandy - SRC Auto Care

Changing my car’s clutch – when, why and where?

The change of the clutch depends strongly on the kind of vehicle you drive, driving profile and your personal driving style. The clutch contains:

  • The flywheel
  • The pressure plate
  • The disengaging unit
  • The clutch disc
  • Friction elements

It is normal that these parts wear over after some time. The good news is, a clutch usually has a long service life - 50,000 to 70,000 miles so you can drive quite a while before the clutch needs changing.

How to know my vehicle’s clutch needs changing?

The need for replacement can be recognised by a sliding coupling. In this context, the engine’s power can’t be transferred completely. Another indication of the upcoming change is increased requirement of power when changing gears. Also, you might notice some unusual noise when changing gears. But whether there is no defect or your clutch must be replaced, our experts at the SRC Auto Care can already detect wile test driving your car.

Changing of the clutch - always at an expert workshop!

When changing a vehicle’s clutch, its engine is disconnected from its gearbox. The vehicle has to be taken on a ramp or a pit. The gearbox is an essential for supporting the car’s engine, so when the clutch is removed, it has to be made sure, the engine is held properly. For this, you need a motor carrier or similar device. During reconstruction, the clutch disc must be centred accurately. Special tools are needed. Furthermore, it should be considered that for many screws tightening torques are necessary by manufacturer specification. So, it does make perfect sense to get this complex task done by the professionals in our garage. The SRC Auto Care crew have all the experience, the latest technical equipment and tools for the job.

We do it properly, time- and cost efficiently and safely for you.

What’s the price for changing the clutch?

Well, for a clutch change there are no fixed prices. The material prices and the labour costs are very different, depending on the type- and size of vehicle you drive. So just give us a call and let us advise you or just come to our SRC Auto Care. We will be happy to have a look at your vehicle and give you a non-obligatory quote.

Clutch Service - Sandy - SRC Auto Care