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On this page, we would like to give you some advice on tyres in general.

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The tyre change is due once the tread is worn. Simple. A worn out tyre is an unsafe tyre.

The difference between wheel change and a tyre change

We receive many calls from customers wanting to book their vehicle in for a wheel change.

What the majority of these callers actually mean though is a tyre change.

A wheel change means the replacement of the entire component -rim and tyre.

Quite often we change the complete wheels during a seasonal change from summer- to winter tyres or vice versa or when customers want putting their alloy wheels back on after the winter season.

Otherwise, most of our customers come to us for a tyres change.

When to change the tyres?

Tyres are regularly exposed to the stresses of everyday driving and braking. Wear and tear are the results. The less profile on the tyre, the worse it's driving characteristics. Worn tyres extend the braking distance and affect driving stability. You are thus at serious risk in road traffic.

Most common reasons for changing tyres:

Noticeable pressure loss on the tyres.

The minimum profile depth of 1.6 millimetres has been reached.

Significant damage to the tyre surface.

The age or mileage performance of the tyre was exceeded.

The tread depth is crucial for tyre change

The tyres of your vehicle are the only connection to the road. That's why you should take all questions about the tyres seriously.

We strongly recommend getting your tyres regularly checked for damage, leaking valves, any cracks or bulges, sufficient air pressure and of course to measure the tread depth.

Free tyre inspection – Sandy Auto Care

We are concerned about your safety – therefore we are offering a free tyre check-up to everybody.

Often a statutory minimum profile depth of 1.6 mm is used as a guide. But in our (and in many other experts) opinion this tread depth is definitely too low. The less profile a tyre has, the less grip it has on the road. A minimum profile depth of 4 mm is recommended in winter, which should also be observed in summer. Tread depth of less than 3-4 mm is not sufficient, especially because of the risk of aquaplaning.

This means water from the tyres cannot be dissipated fast enough. Result: The car "floats up" and it is in this short time steering or braking is blocked. Especially wide tyres, which are mounted on fast vehicles, are susceptible to floating.

Don’t worry if you need to buy new tyres. They don’t have to cost a fortune.

At the SRC Auto Care you will find your perfect tyres at the perfect price – from premium over middle class to cheap, but good quality tyres.

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