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The brake system is for sure one of major importance when it comes to your driving safety. That’s the reason why the brake system needs to be checked on a regular basis!

The brake wear is not happening overnight. It usually develops over time. The braking distance becomes - without you even noticing - ever longer or your vehicle "pulls" when braking to the side. Too old brake fluid can start to boil during strong braking maneuvres as the brake-fluid absorbs moisture. As soon as the water content in the fluid becomes more than 3%, steam bubbles start forming. This leads eventually to a complete brake system failure.

Brake Service in the Sandy area – SRC Auto Care

Regardless of the driving style and mileage, the brakes must be checked at regular intervals. We ate the SRC Auto Care will do our best to help you. This ensures that your vehicle’s brakes work reliably, especially in an emergency situation. For this reason, the brake check belongs to the standard services of our workshop. This allows to check the current condition of the brakes, to detect the wear and safety deficiencies.

When do the brakes need changing?

The wear of the brakes depends on several factors. For example: Your driving style, type of transmission, weight of the car and the vehicle use. For your own safety, it is recommended to have the brakes inspected regularly in a workshop during the normal inspection. For brake linings and brake discs, there is a minimum thickness prescribed by the car manufacturers. If this is reached, the exchange is due. Many vehicles have electronic wear indicators for brakes installed. These show you when the brakes at the front or rear are worn out so much that an exchange is necessary. In some vehicle models, an unusual noise or shaking of the steering during braking suggesting the pads are worn.

That wear of brake pads and discs in the car is a completely normal process. But because no component of the car is as relevant to active safety as the brake, it is important for every driver to recognise wear early. Those who correctly interpret appropriate signs can save lives. Essentially, there are three recurring damage patterns that call for worn brakes.

The most common signs of worn brakes are:

  • “Grinding” brakes.
  • Delayed response when braking (you have to press the brake pedal harder than usual)
  • Shaking, pulling or vibrating during the brake manoeuvre.

Do I have to change the rear- and front brakes at the same time?

As mentioned before, brake discs and brake pads are wearing parts. During a brake service is always recommended to change the brakes on both sides of an axle. This makes sense, as the brakes on one axle (front/rear) are evenly loaded. However, this does not automatically mean that all four wheel brakes of the vehicle must be renewed at the same time.

So, if you want to get your car’s brakes checked, need a repair, new tyres, an MOT test or want to book a vehicle maintenance service, please get in touch with us – Your SRC Auto Care team will be happy to help and our prices will pleasantly surprise you!

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