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The battery seems to be a very simple component in a vehicle, but it has a central role in the functioning of a vehicle and the batteries stable function is indeed crucial. Problems with the battery are often the reason for annoyances.

Damage to the battery can happen at any time, but it mainly happens in winter, when the temperatures drop. Due to the cold, it can no longer deliver enough power to start.

With increasing cold, the capacity of a battery drops considerably. The starting process also needs much more power because of the viscosity of the oil. If your battery is older than three years, you should renew it. This way, you will have a good feeling in the morning on the way to your vehicle, knowing it will start without any problems.

Have the battery of your car checked regularly and in good time, with the help of the professionals at your SRC Auto Care your battery will always be in good working order whatever the season.

Car Batteries – Sandy – SRC Auto Care

At the SRC Auto Care, we will be happy to do a battery check first to see how much “life” is left in your car’s battery.

Today, it is possible to test batteries with appropriate equipment to control the charge state and capacity (the charge volume). If the battery does not have full capacity, we will advise you to renew it.

In case you need to change the battery, we will advise you on the different options you have. At the SRC Auto Care, we only use batteries of the best and most reliable brands.

This is what you can expect from our batteries:

  • longer life and up to 4 times higher cycle
  • stability and constant power even for short drives
  • excellent energy absorption and starting power even with a high number of electrical consumers
  • absolutely maintenance-free

Battery - Your SRC Auto Care benefits:

  • Latest diagnostic equipment
  • Free battery check
  • Low-priced quality batteries for replacement
  • Trained professionals
  • Free disposal and recycling of your old battery