Auto Check

Those who go on vacation by car or motorhome should thoroughly inspect their vehicle before leaving home. Do it on time so that any defects can be traced and eliminated.

We at the SRC Auto Care will be happy to help you with our individual Auto checks.

After the winter and before a more extended drive you should take the time to take a closer look at your car. The effort required depends on the general condition of the car. A relatively new, well-maintained car, which receives the mandatory inspection at our garage every year, does not have to go to the workshop before a holiday trip. At least not if you haven’t noticed any issues.

However, if you notice any problems in everyday use, there is no way around a professional check over. There are several warnings for serious defects. For example, a heavy loss of “vital fluids”. If you regularly need to add cooling water, engine oil or even brake fluid, you drive a caring patient. Your vehicle may not be able to take any stresses. This is also true when conspicuous "clouds" are coming out of the exhaust pipe. Declining or one-sided braking performance is a reason for an immediate workshop visit. Very often cars are driven with broken shock absorbers. You can notice it when hitting bumps, or when the car fluctuates uncomfortably with changing load or during a lane change. Danger: Many problems can usually be attributed to continuous wear. The driver is not abruptly confronted with a defect, so instead gets used to the gradually declining performance.

Travel by trailer or caravan

Caravans are in one sturdy place most of their lives. After a longer service life, the chassis, the brake system and the lighting equipment of the mobile home should be checked by a specialist. Care must be taken with the age of the tyres. Caravans very rarely drive off their profile, so it can easily happen that the tyres still look "as new", but the age already embrittled the rubber compound. For caravans, the particular attention on the gas system is needed. According to the Equipment Safety Act, the gas cylinders must be mounted in shaker-proof holders. You must not be able to roll or slide them. The drawbar eyelet should not have too much game. Otherwise, drivers sometimes make the terrifying experience that their mobile home is no longer visible in the rearview mirror at some point. Always put enough weight on the drawbar. Motorhomes need to be checked very carefully if they have not been moved for a long time. The owner should allow sufficient time for extensive inspection and an extensive test drive before going on the journey.

Moody April weather

Normally a car should be operated in April in "summer mode". The winter tyres should be dismantled, and the summer tyres mounted. When using the windscreen cleaner, you should switch from the frost-proof winter blends to the summer screen wash. But if the journey should go into the mountains, the winter tyres should definitely be used for a while longer.

The basics

The tyre pressure should be checked regularly. Because of the luggage, the air volume should be increased to the recommended optimum. Because today's tyres keep the pressure very high, most drivers do not bother about the air pressure at all.

Therefore, most cars drive with too little air. The appropriate information about the tyre pressure of the vehicle can be found in the operating instructions, on the inside of the door or the inside of the fuel cap.

During an inspection, attention must also be paid to any damage to the tyres and the statutory minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimetres.

To be on the safe side, the tread depth should be at least three millimetres of the residual profile.

Panels and headlights, which are cleaned before departure, provide a clear view. The wiping liquid should be refilled before leaving, and you should even take a canister with you as it can become very expensive if you have to buy it urgently at a petrol station while on the road.

The oil level should be checked and topped up if necessary. Also recommended is a check of all (!) lamps and lights. Drivers who are mainly driving in busy cities often do not even notice the failure of a front light. A look underneath the vehicle cannot hurt either. You should pay attention to loose panels and look at the exhaust. Even a perfectly well-behaved exhaust can be released from its suspension after driving through a pothole.

We know, many people can’t- or don’t want to do these checks themselves.

That’s what we are here for!

With the SRC Auto Care, you are on the safe side, and you don’t need to make your hands dirty.

Our customised Auto checks don’t take long, and they do not cost a fortune, but we will make sure your vehicle is fit to drive – not just before going on holiday.

We also offer summer checks, winter checks, pre- MOT checks and much more.

Please get in touch if you want us to have a good look at your vehicle.

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