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Air conditioning

An air conditioning + automatic climate control work pretty much like a refrigerator. With a compressor driven by the engine of the car via a V-belt, the coolant is compressed and pumped through a system of thin tubes. The cooling liquid can then extract the heat from the air. The thereby cooled air is then moved to the blower in the interior of the car promoted. As a result, the interior of the vehicle cools down very quickly. This is a great advantage for all passengers, especially when driving in the summer. The difference between an air conditioner and an automatic climate control system is that in an automatic climate control the temperature in the car can be set exactly. In contrast, an air conditioner can only be switched on or off. Regulation of the temperature is not possible. But the price for a simple air conditioning is also much lower than for a more comfortable climate control.

Air condition & climate control service – SRC Auto Care

For every air conditioning and automatic climate control, regular maintenance is required. This is because the coolant can volatilise during operation. On average, air con/ climate control loses about 15% to 20% of its coolant every year. The air conditioning/climate control does not cool down anymore as soon as there is too little cooling liquid. For this reason, the maintenance intervals should also be strictly adhered to. As a rule, the maintenance for either system should be done every two years. At our SRC Auto Care workshop, a thorough inspection is carried out at first. All components are being checked. During the inspection, particular attention is paid to leaks in the system and wear on the V-belt. After the inspection, the coolant is replaced, and the filters cleaned.


The air conditioner/climate control will stop cooling as soon as the compressor stops running. In that case, the error must first be found and corrected. It may be a defect in the electronics or a mechanical problem of the compressor. The cost of repairing a defective electronics are significantly lower than the costs that would be payable for a new air conditioning compressor.

At the SRC Auto Care, our specially trained experts know exactly how to detect faults and carry out repairs quickly and without charging you a fortune.

We will always do our best, to keep the costs for you as low as possible.

After having a first look at your air con/climate control, we will certainly issue an estimate before starting any work. You need to know about the costs involved so you can make a decision.

So, if you are looking for a reliable garage to service your vehicle’s air conditioning system or climate control in the Sandy area, please get in touch with us.

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