4x4 tyres

4x4 tyres


SUVs and 4x4’s are vehicles with permanent or optional four-wheel drive, drive on special off-road or 4x4 tyres. However, SUVs do not necessarily have to be equipped with four-wheel drive. Compared with commercial car tyres, these SUV tyres are characterised by a different structure and by special driving characteristics. After all, the tyres must lift more weight and withstand higher forces due to higher vehicle centre of gravity.

But not only are there differences between SUV and car tyres. Even within the off-road tyre category, manufacturers offer special types of tyres. These are each developed taking into account the preferences of SUV drivers or tuned to their favourite terrain. Are city streets and motorways the preferred areas of application and high speeds to be driven? Or is it off-road driving that needs to be mastered? For every use of the vehicle, there are the matching 4x4 tyres. At our SRC Auto Care online shop, you can buy the perfect tyres for your SUV that have been optimised to your specific needs.

Normally when buying a regular SUV, they are equipped with tyres that are primarily intended for the use of off-road vehicles on normal roads. So if an SUV driver is increasingly driving off-road, away from asphalt and therefore wants a more off-road compatible tyre, he/she should go for new, specialist off-road tyres. Because the structure and the condition of the carcasses (the framework of the tyres), as well as the reinforcement of the tyre sidewalls, depend on which surfaces the off-roader is predominantly driven on and how stable and resistant the SUV/4x4 tyres should be accordingly. These properties in combination with the profile design and the choice of rubber compound are the primary criteria for the intended use. Also, the profile structure and the tread depth vary, depending on whether the optimum traction is mostly required on wet roads or grass, mud, snow or gravel surfaces. As a rule of thumb, the benefits of having off-road optimised tires, especially for off-road driving, have disadvantages when driving on the road; conversely, this also applies.

The following types of SUV/4x4 tyres are available:

  • Street Terrain

SUV tyres called "Street Terrain" are mainly suitable for drivers who prefer to travel on paved roads rather than off-road. It's the kind of tyres that SUVs are often equipped with as standard, first tyres by the manufacturers. You can recognise these tyres by the abbreviation "ST", which is attached directly to the tire.

  • All terrain

4x4 tyres called "All Terrain" or AT-SUV tyres can be used on the tarmac and in light to medium terrain. They drive smoothly and comfortably on the road and safely and agile on rough terrain. Unlike Street Terrain tyres, SUV All Terrain tyres are designed to handle heavy loads.

  • Mud terrain

Off-road tyres marked "MT" for "Mud Terrain" were designed for predominantly off-road use. This includes rocky ground. For example, the tyres have a particularly coarse profile. When driving through mud, this should ensure sufficient adhesion.

  • “Boggers” or “Super Swampers”

The Offroad-tyres which are offered under the surnames Super Swamper or Boggers are designed due to the handy profile on, particularly demanding surfaces. You should drive on this tyre if you expect the best grip even on the most difficult terrain.



There are many tyre manufacturers, each with a wide range of tyres for off-road vehicles. As a rule, every manufacturer offers tyres that are geared to specific application areas.

In our SRC Auto Care online shop, you will find cheap SUX/4x4 tyres from all major brands in excellent quality.

As an SUV enthusiast, you should always enjoy a safe and distinctive driving experience no matter what the terrain- or weather. Take your time, browsing through our extensive range of 4x4/SUV tyres. If you need any help with placing your order and booking your fitting appointment online, please let us know.Our experts at SRC Auto Care will do their best to help you.

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